Realme Pad, analysis: the quality-price made tablet

The Realme Pad is the first tablet from the Asian manufacturer. Its objective is clear: to conquer the market for tablets in the 200 euro segment , a territory in which competition is somewhat scarce and attacking with a powerful weapon can be a victory.

Whether or not it is the best tablet in its price range is something we will answer throughout this analysis, but we already anticipate that the Realme Pad has convinced us as a product . It gives more than its technical sheet promises and becomes one of Realme's great assets by the end of 2021 and the entry of next year.

Design: premium on all sides

The Realme Pad, right out of the box, gives us that feeling that is usually only felt with high-end products: the cold of aluminum and the robustness of a high-quality product . Both the back of this tablet and its sides move away from plastic (a common material in both mobile phones and tablets of this price), to embrace a solid aluminum.

The quality is evident in this Realme tablet: at no time does it give the feeling of being in front of a cheap product

The camera module protrudes slightly and we found a vertical laser cut to prevent the rear design from being totally flat. The keypad is quite solid , it does not dance and the pulsation is hard. The final quality of the sides and back is worthy of a high-end tablet.

If we turn it around, the good news follows. The frontal use is not outstanding, but it is more than enough considering the price range in which the product is framed. The selfie camera hides inside the top frame , being quite discreet.

At the level of dimensions, the Realme Pad convinces. Although it weighs 440 grams, its thickness of less than 7 mm makes it not feel coarse and heavy , being very comfortable to use with both hands both vertically and horizontally.

In short, the Realme Pad feels like a premium product , despite being a tablet aimed at conquering the middle segment. We liked its finish, dimensions and design, worthy of a higher category product.

Screen and audio: a surprise multiplied by four

Regarding the screen, we find a 10.4-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 2,000 x 1,200 pixels. The quality of the panel has been a pleasant surprise , especially because of the color rendering, which is more precise than usual for a cheap tablet. The resolution is also enjoyed, not having missed more to play multimedia content.

We miss some extra customization options on the panel, since we can only activate the reading mode, night mode and automatic brightness, without being able to calibrate the screen of the device to our liking .

However, it more than fulfills its mission: it is a joy to watch series and movies on this tablet , especially if we take into account that the sound section is above any expectation.

Realme has done a spectacular job with the sound of the Realme Pad. All four speakers sound loud, forceful, and with quality

If something shines at the multimedia level in this tablet, it is the sound. It is spectacular and, in our opinion, the most surprising point on this Realme Pad. It has four stereo speakers that not only have a high volume level, but also boast a quality worthy of a high-end tablet . We just miss a little more bass and a little less distortion when the volume is at maximum.

By default, the Dolby Atmos configuration comes in dynamic mode, so the sound is adjusted automatically according to the content we are playing . We can switch between two other profiles (movies and music), but we do not have an equalizer , the only point that we miss in this terminal.